What is the Theragun?

by Jonny Citizen on September 29, 2021

In Australia, citizens who are health-conscious people live will want this luxurious and percussive massager device known as Theragun. Theragun is a pain management tool developed by a chiropractor that works as a workout recovery device. It induces faster workout recovery and better-quality performance, the latter the very reason for its gaining popularity.

Product Value

Receiving the fitness community’s enthusiasm and acceptance in recovery value, Theragun is a sought-after device since its launch in 2016.

The device works by moving lactic acid from tired muscles during exercise, like a foam rolling massage. Additionally, its percussive therapy produces much better results in lesser time. Hypersensitive individuals are also assured to be given comparable results without the deep pressure that might be discomforting to some people.

Theragun comes with a bunch of accessories.

How Does Theragun Work?

Move the device in slow motion over the muscle you want to treat for at least two minutes. Combining stretching movement is recommended for better recovery care.

Do not use it often or immediately after a workout. It should be used for body parts expected to be sore in a workout.

Using Theragun requires no added pressure since it has half-inch penetrating pressure. One only has to hover or “float” it on a specific body area.

Compared to the harder pressure in massage therapy, Theragun has amplitude where a level of vibration maintains equilibrium.


Theragun reduces stress and tension and provides a better sleep experience. When it’s used on the arms, buttocks, and legs before sleep, nerves and muscles are relaxed. The device also assists in enhancing a workout performance and activating the muscles to build a range of motions. A pre-workout instructional manual for the device is provided with literature and guides to be followed.

Safety of Use

Despite Theragun’s various uses, precaution and safety must be in mind when using it on muscle sprains, tendonitis, or fractures. It’s not safe to use on any part of the head, genitalia, and pregnant body. It is also advisable to consult a doctor first if one has chronic health conditions or injuries.

Buying Theragun

Purchasing Theragun depends on a personal preference and doctor’s orders. It is worthwhile to get Theragun if:

· The prospective user has no injuries or chronic conditions

· The percussive massage assists with one’s health condition.

However, if you want to try it but your doctor advises you against the device, ask for a referral to a physical therapist or chiropractor.


Considering the durability and long-term use of Theragun should be weighed before the buyer’s final decision. Theragun costs around a low of $399 to a high of $899 while other basic models range around $100, yet the benefits of one in relation to a massage therapy session will be $100 higher in a long run.

The longevity of life depends on how a person takes care of themselves. Why not adopt proper body care that allows more oxygenated blood to the working muscle for a healthier heart and body with the use of Theragun? Australia, take heed.

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