Tips For Water Photography Using A GoPro

by Jonny Citizen on October 29, 2014

gopro-waterWe are lucky to be living in a day and age where technology has advanced so highly that the average punter can afford to take professional quality water photography. Thanks to the invention of the GoPro hero series cameras, they provide HD broadcast quality images with a very user-friendly platform and editing suite. But have you just bought the camera and realised your photography isn’t cutting it with the images you see on YouTube? he will be provided some basic tips for the amateur water photographer wanting to get into surfing or just lifestyle water shots. Firstly understanding what this camera can be capable of is important. Utilising the many mounts in brackets it comes with will be necessary when thinking about what angle you are wanting to shoot from. Mostly important for water photography is the waterproof housing, the floaty backdoor and the anti fog inserts. These are a must as if you do happen to lose your camera the floaty backdoor will allow your camera to surface for location. The fog inserts stop any folding out on the water is condensation inside the housing is a problem. Utilising these it will stop the lens from fogging up creating your image and video to be blurry. When you have edited films before it is obvious to understand your mistakes from when you were holding the camera. Some of the fundamental mistakes are as simple as not having a clean lens. Ensuring this is clean will enhance your post-editing production eliminating constant image fixing. Getting glass cleaner wipes is handy to use and carrying them in your camera set up will be useful. Secondly not knowing the correct sounds you’ll go pro makes is important when in the water you don’t have time to select the functions visually. The beeps will indicate whether you are recording or taking burst photography and all have Signature sounds depending on the function. Most times water can bump buttons and change settings where you will not realise and could be shooting when you are not wanting to and vice versa.gopro-camera Charging your gopro properly and having a backup power source is necessary when shooting for long periods. It is easy to forget these fundamentals especially when you are eager to not miss that special moment that nature provides. It also can be costly if you are filming for a production and Miss those vital moments from simple errors as your battery failing. There are many things to check over your camera before entering any water or situations where your camera could easily be susceptible to high impact and tough conditions. Checking your housing to make sure it is fully waterproof and that your mounts successfully installed properly is important. Set your camera up for the desired photo shoot and learn what each setting and function does to your image and where you will need to be positioned to utilise that angle correctly. Also understand there are 4 main functions your goPro will have like still photography, photo burst, video mode and time lapse photography. This allows for optimised creativity and as long as you have the settings selected at the correct time it is a matter of positioning to get the intended outcome. After you set the camera up correctly and understand the full functionality of what you have in your hands at the time understanding that you are about to enter a natural environment where you are at its mercy. When filming Surfing photography up close having a steady pole mount and the ability to position in the surfers line on the shoulder of the wave will set up a professional creative angle. having a good relationship with the surfer you are filming and the understanding of the conditions. This will allow you to get in better positions in the ocean and capture the full subject you are shooting. Using your head to rest the camera on when filming in the water acts as a natural gimbal and provide steady shots. Knowing how to stay steady and out of the the way of the surfer is up to you waterman skills and your fitness. Taking these steps and understanding the environment your entering can be treacherous at times. Action photography can be a very successful hobby or a way to have a successful professional career if you are in sync with the ocean. There are always updates from go pro with their mounts which you can experiment with to achieve better angles and more secure setups. remembering though if your subjects that US shooting is poor and the conditions are not desirable you will not get an effective outcome. To find out more about Professional Photographer Brisbane Northside or if you are looking for a photographer in Samford Valley click on one of the links. If you need Wedding Day Photographers on Brisbane Northside Visit Absolution Photography Brisbane.

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