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by Jonny Citizen on September 1, 2015

markkordubaFor many years, Brisbane psychologists have been helping people in resolving their problems. They have been assisting people in removing emotional blocks that are responsible for stopping individuals from enjoying a healthy life filled with happiness.

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Psychologists in Brisbane are skilled in several therapies. The psychologists here are very experienced in addressing a variety of issues that range from trauma to other problems affecting the livelihood of human beings. They also assist people struggling in making decisions, individuals struggling in relationships, dealing with grief as well as restoring emotions that seem out of control. Other services that they offer include assisting people suffering from depression, anxiety, gender issues, sexual problems, sexual assaults, childhood abuse, post traumatic stress, porn addiction, alcohol, low self-confidence, low self esteem as well as family conflicts. Psychologists in Brisbane have also specialized in marriage and relationship counselling i.e. dealing with conflict amongst spouses, problems between children or relatives as well as handling breakups.

Why See A Psychologist

Special psychological services amongst children are also offered in Brisbane. There is a special department here that deals with teenagers and children who experience emotional issues like depressions and stress. Child psychologists here provide intervention/therapy sessions that assist in alleviating symptoms and managing family challenges. It is true that parenting is very demanding and challenging. On most occasions, children offer their parents with several challenges that include behavioural and emotional difficulties. The experienced psychologists here help parents in discovering the best formula of managing children issues. Child psychologists in Brisbane handle the psychological issues affecting children by providing information and support through child appointments. Brisbane psychologists are passionate in giving support to parents and their teenagers.

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Brisbane psychologists also assist in dealing with panic disorders. These are unexpected and recurrent panic attacks. These attacks lead to accelerated heart rates, chest pains, choking, shaking and trembling. Making an appointment with Brisbane psychologists is always recommended to anyone experiencing panic disorders. There are moments when people try fixing problems without much success; it’s important to look for an external help during such occasions. A good psychologist will always assist his client feel understood and comfortable. Brisbane psychologists build cooperative and genuine relationships with their clients. By seeking their services, those affected will always feel supported, safe and accepted.

The team of psychologists based at Brisbane uses several evidence-based categories that include hypnotherapy, mindfulness therapy, psycho-education, skills training, motivational interviewing, meditation and relaxation techniques, interpersonal therapy, commitment and acceptance therapy as well as cognitive behaviour therapy. The psychologists here believe that therapy is categorized as an art just like science. They will always offer a solution to clients depending on their unique personal styles, needs and problems.

Psychology consultants in Brisbane offer services that are specifically designed to promote trust, safety and confidentiality amongst their clients. They understand that life is becoming competitive where people undergo struggles and pains to survive. They feel they have a role to assist individuals in taking control of the various situations affecting them. Their wide range of professional services is carried out by a large team of female and male Brisbane psychologists. They handle issues in the most professional way possible.

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Psychologist Brisbane | Mark Korduba
Psychologist Brisbane | Mark Korduba
Description In this video Mark talks about the benefits of seeing a psychologist in Brisbane. People generally seek the assistance of a psychologist to help them with (1) depression (2) anxiety (3) low self esteem (4) marital problems (5) family problems (6) problems with their children. The process typically takes approximately 6 sessions and oftentimes people are able to access rebates for services. While the psychologist won't necessarily give you a solution in the first session, over a number of sessions they will help you to identify underlying issues or faulty thinking which in turn will help you to create solutions that are much more meaningful for you. Generally speaking people report positive results by seeing a psychologist in Brisbane and consider it a good use of time, effort and money. Ultimately it is a risk mitigation strategy and saves you in the long-term. To book an appointment call 3857-3777 Mark Korduba BA (Psych) M (Org Psych) MAPS FDRP Psychologist Brisbane | Mental Health Brisbane. | Psychology Brisbane Psychologist & Mediator

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